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Tuesday, May 16, 2006/11:28 AM

Can't Shake the Jumpies

So I had my interview today with the local community group that's holding a summer day-camp in the area. I'm hoping they'll hire me for the summer (please God please... I need money!!). It's only for a few weeks, BUT it should help me get through the summer (I pray). So now I wait.

I wasn't nervous during the interview but after leaving I kept thinking, Ugh... I need this. This would be perfect. Please let me get this. Now a few hours later I'm still a bit nervy about the whole thing. Not to mention we have a REAL WORKING comic book writer coming to my class today. On one hand I'm relieved that I won't have to teach today. On the other I really hope my students will be interested in what he says and not appeared bored. They're so quiet, I just can't get a read on them.

Ah well, such is life. I just wish this jittery jumpy feeling I have would knock it off and go away. Probably won't until I 100% know that I have work for the summer (being poor sucks btw, I swear ALL colleges should be free in this country. Think of the money I would have if I didn't have to pay student loans! Think of the good I could be doing for the economy if that were true! Hear that Washington big wigs?! Get rid of students having to pay for school, find a way to fund us professors WITHOUT crazy tuition... and ummmm make that new rule retroactive, eh? *nudge nudge* lol)

STILL looking for that rusty orange yarn for my hat. I've checked Jo-Ann's, Michaels AND Wal-mart as well as that nutty place that's going out of business... what was it Julie? Handcock fabrics?? Not sure where to look on the net for online yarn so if any of you knitters out there are reading this, could you maybe possibly point me in a direction of a site with a HUGE selection of colors? Apparently this color I'm looking for is a bit difficult. GRRR ARGH.

Two hats done for the dulaan project! Would like to do a scarf and some sort of gloves before July. Lord knows I have the yarn for it now, but the time?? Well that's another story lol.

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