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Wednesday, April 05, 2006/12:33 PM

Mr. Smith,
You and I Need a Nap

I swear I am THIS close to passing out head first into these papers (uh, I'm holding up my finger and thumb about a quarter of an inch apart). My goal is to get these things done by class time (3:30... I know so why am I on here posting...) But I just can't concentrate. Why? Well frankly these papers are HORRIBLE. But that's beside the point. My point is that in the past 4 days I have locked myself up with students papers, freezey pops and a multitude of old 1940's films and sadly I have to report, I think I have sustained some mental damage.

How so? Well for one, I now think Jimmy Stewart is hot.

BAH? Say what? No I'm serious. After 3 early Stewart films (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story and You Can't Take it With You) I think I've lost it. Oh, not to mention I'm starting to get hooked on Gary Cooper too thanks to watching Mr. Deeds Goes to Town last evening. Again I say BAH? Okay until last weekend I found Jimmy Stewart to be the cuddly old grandpa. The crazy man who makes women dress like his old girlfriend (Vertigo) or the peeping tom with the broken leg guy. But then I saw Mr. Smith. Five times (had to, we're watching it in class) and wowza, he taint half bad. Yes, yes I realize I need a boyfriend rofl.

Ah Well, I think I'm just going to blame it on all the kool-aid like sugar laden freezey-pop juice which has now replaced the blood in my veins. God... no wonder I'm tired. I am so afraid I'm going to sleep through the first few days of my spring break. On one hand I sitting here going... ahhh sleep. On the other I'm saying, NOOOOO, I want to get crap done! Ugh. I swear... Mr. Smith, if you and I get through this I'm buying you a beer... okay you're not real. I'm buying me a beer, except I've sworn off drinking. Oh this day just keeps getting better. *le sigh*

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