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Thursday, April 06, 2006/2:04 PM

Nearly There!

Metallica said it best: And it comes to be that soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just the freight train coming your way... Haaaay aaaayy... Oh sorry got carried away there.

Seriously though, I am seeing a light... and praying that I don't get slammed, because as of right now I am DONE correcting papers! BUT (and here's the source of the Choo Choo sounds I'm hearing) my students are turing in their portfolios TOMORROW!

OH! AND finals are next Thursday! So I'm not out of this yet. BUT tonight I shall PAR-TAY... okay I'll be doing dishes and watching TV. Or drawing. Hmmm, or blogging... oh! I just can't decide, my first night off in weeks (well one that I don't have something else I should be doing) and I don't know what to do! Old film fest? New Film fest? Nap?

I know what I do need though. I need a butler. I was watching Mr. Deeds Goes to Town the other night and this guy kept trying to do EVERYTHING for him and I kept thinking. How nice. My house would be clean. My Christmas Tree would have been taken down LONG before um... yesterday (it's fake, what do you want from me? I'VE BEEN BUSY!). My laundry folded. I could concentrate on correcting papers, drawing, exercising.

I'd be ever so nice to my Butler. Feed him, Pet him, Walk him twice a day. *sigh* PLEASE can I have a butler? PLEASE?? No. Fine, I see how you are *sob* nobody loves me!

End scene... I hope you enjoyed Paris Hilton Theater. I'll be back tomorrow when the lack of oxygen from being trapped in my NO WINDOW office has worn off and my posts will be a little less silly.

Oh who am I kidding. They'll probably be even stranger. ;)

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