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Sunday, April 09, 2006/1:34 AM


Well you wanted it, so here you are. One of the few new pics I have of my new haircut. It's not very good, you can't get a good grasp on it, but well, it will work. If you want to see other pics check out my flickr account. I think you can either click flickr badge located on the right column.

I did this picture along with a few others for kicks. Inspired by one of my favorite graphic novels Fables and the tv show America's Next Top Model which recently did a spread featuring the models as well known fairytale characters. I decided what the hay, let's have some fun.

Anyway, Enjoy! I think i might do a Golden Age of Cinema Spread soon after seeing some neat pics from other folks on Flickr. Look for those in the future on my flikr account if you're interested! :)

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