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Thursday, March 16, 2006/10:31 AM

Tomorrow, Tomorrow,

Yes... i have resolved to cliches. Wanna do something about it?!! The wait is soon to be over and i promise the minute it is and i'm back nestled in my home i shall bring you all my movie review of V for Vendetta. And then move on with my life. As many of my friends have shaken their saddened heads that i have fallen into an obsession with this film (what, i'm not allowed a sick obsession about a anarchist who wears a 17th century melodrama mask?? lol), i promise i will calm down once i get to see this damn thing... good or bad. And then promptly become obsessed with seeing Xmen 3... What? Come on you all know i'm hopelessly addicted to Wolverine, so if you couldn't see that coming... my god go visit an eye doctor.
Anyway, as the wait draws to a close i must reflect briefly on what i have learned during this little countdown... a) Html is evil, but useful. I've learned quite a bit while trying to get those stupid countdowns and links to the trailers to work b) people will worry if you reciete the Fifth of Novemeber poem to them and offer names of good therapists
With that said, i'm off. Other than one more posting reviewing this film I promise no more "V" Rants. Unless of course i decide to take over a corrupt government and use it as my bible... but really i'm too unmodivated to do that lol.

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