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Wednesday, March 22, 2006/1:04 PM

Ahh... New Spring's Resolutions??

Okay so yesterday after finally getting over the last bit of this illness I said to myself. WTF! Why did I get so ill? Conclusion. I'm letting myself get this way. I mean I weighed myself and despite the two pounds I lost at Julie's... I'll leave it at that so not to disgust you... Friday night, I'm up to 145 lbs! WTF!!! I have been a steady 135 for 2 years! Why? Hell even at 135 I said, well I'd could stand to loose a pound or two. No more than that... but gain 10! TEN POUNDS!!!

I'd like to say this is from working out and getting muscular. But I'd be a big FAT liar. I've been soooo lazy since getting this new job because frankly I'm pooped when I get out of work. Hell look at my house, it's a wreck! That's it, I said last night. No really, I did. I looked around the room and literally said, "That's IT!"

So it is out with this new lay-about-do-nothing me. I immediately put in my pilaties DVD and worked out. And I have to say today I feel pretty damn good! Tonight, I'll do my 20 minute yoga for abs tape (its Lost night and I have other things I need to attend to so I'll have to take the quicker work-out tonight). Maybe I can con Julie into some DDR after Lost. We haven't done it in sooooo long and it's so much fun :)

Anyway here are my goals... and guys if I don't do them you have my permission to come and beat me into submission! I AM SERIOUS! I AM WEAK... COME, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!

1) Hair cut (see above picture) I'm going to call tonight and set up an appointment with Fawn. Yes I just said Fawn. Yes the stylist's name is Fawn. Come on other than porn what are you going to do with a name like that? And let me tell you I've seen what she's done for Julie and Sarah... WOWZA! I need an upgrade STAT.

2) GET BACK TO 135! Check! Currently eating salads for lunch, well okay salads or small chicken subs, but they're better than chicken fingers or pizza, regular food in smaller portions for dinner (no more heaping helpings of pasta!)

3) Look for new dress that can be worn to evening events for work. Classy, sophisticated and yet sexy... um check but it's costly. Perhaps I'll just make it.

4) DISHES! Tonight I tackle my dishes (not that I haven't been. I'm just going to knock what's left out of the park, or die trying)

5) I vow from here on to ALWAYS have my living-room clean. Um... the dining room... well I won't lie to you ;) Um after tomorrow night, as I'm not sure if I'll have time to clean the livingroom AND do the dishes before LOST night.

So there we have it. I missed the New Years Resolution Boom... I never like NYRs anyway since they tend to die within the first month. BUT I swear I shall persevere and make this come true. You check back with me in May and if I'm not back to my original size and getting toned with a cleaner (hey I'm going to have dirty dishes, I won't deny it) kitchen... then yes... pummel me.

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