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Sunday, March 12, 2006/2:51 PM

Proud Mother

Yes i am... i am now the proud mother of a Fred Bear compound bow, draw length 26, draw weight 31 (i'm a wimp) and color: camoflauge (may choose to spray it black).

I nearly did cartwheels last night when i got my parents to agree to help me pay for a new bow (it was on clearence for 100 dollars... I nearly fainted, you NEVER see a good one below 299.99)
So the guy a the shop rigged it up and let me take her out for a test drive (which i embrassed myself at, since she was sooo new to me i couldn't shoot for crap).

Obviously i didn't have any of my equipment on me and now today i'm paying for it. My middle finger is KILLING me. Actually it feels like it fell asleep, my tips are all tingly. LOL i haven't felt like this since i got the first bow (which was when i was twelve.. yeah i was long overdue for a new bow). That's what i get for not wearing my glove, but i was at a store and we hadn't planned on bow shoping. LIke i carry my glove around saying hmm i'd better have this, you never know when you might need to shoot a bow... ROFL.. now that would be awesome. lol.

Anyway i'm very happy with it. Today Dad and i went out on the range and i shot quite a few rounds. AND then dad shot one round... and promptly broke one of my arrows when he shot low and hit a rock in the ground (or ice who knows which) *le sigh*. Actually i don't mind, though i wish we could find the arrowhead. It was a nice arrowhead, kinda looks like a bullet and not those short little stubby prickley kind (i'm such the archer... lol i donno even know that names of things... but i'm more of a pleasure archer. I don't care what's it's called I just care if i hit the target lol). Anyway it's embedded in teh ground around the target and i can't find it. :( Ah well, such is life. Anyway looks like my current arrows will fit her so that's great. Less money to spend, EXCELLENT! I think next time i go home i'll go up there and try to find the arrowhead. lol. How sad am i? Dammit though, they're really nice! lol.

Anyway i ended the morning round with a near bullseye! YEA!!! Nice to see that the bow and i are beginning to become one. YOu should have seen the first few shots! YIKES, i'll take a near bullseye.

And what of my old bow? Oh don't worry, i'd NEVER let that thing go. I'll probably take her out for a spin every so often, keep her in top condition. She's now sidelined though, there for company *the guest bow lol* and my future children (hey, horses and archery, those are the two things my kids WILL know, i swear it).... that's after they pass my approval with the suction cup bow/arrow set lol... I shot dad in the behind with my first set... knowing my luck my kids will aim higher lol, better safe than sorry. :)

okay enough gushing over my new toy. I'm gonna go soak my finger. :)

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