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Thursday, March 23, 2006/9:56 PM

Operation Fix Ielle

day 2:

15:00:00 - Have returned home to find living room still intact. Turned around to see dining room not to be fairing as well. Thinking of listing it as collateral damage and giving it up for lost. But in true "leave no man behind" fashion, have planned to storm that front tomorrow. For now I will set my sights on the laundry room.

19:00:00 - Fell into enemy hands of the fouton at 16:00:00. Remained prisoner for nearly an hour before managing to crawl from its clutches. would be very angry with self if not for the small victory of vacuuming living room just prior to collapse. Plan to cling to that during next speech to the troops (Kermit, Eeyore, Tiger and George). They never say much, yet I believe that with my PR training I will succeed in spinning it so that I will look like Donna Reed's clone.

20:00:00 - The Battle of the Dryer is complete. Have managed to wrestle 3 loads into submission, forcing an indeterminable number onto hangers and into my closet. Others were folded and jammed into the dresser, locked away in darkness. Found enough time between loads to scrounge up some grub. Rice and Ragu... these rations are getting sick. It tasted great yesterday... not so much today. Reminded self that starving children in China would kill to have Ragu on their rice. Considering mailing it to them.

22:00:00 - Completed setting up camp for the night. Have decided on reading Democracy in America in bed. This way I have solved issue with hitting head on table while trying to read in an uncomfortable chair and any possibility of insomnia.

24:00:00 - Lights out. Plan to retake the dining room tomorrow. If all goes well, may consider apartment-wide domination.

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