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Monday, March 20, 2006/9:59 AM

Okay Julie, I"m still feeling bleh, so i figured i'd kill time from doing REAL work to do your meme-like thing That you tagged me for. Sounds like fun (i could use some fun right now) So here we go:

FIVE PEOPLE you find attractive that would probably surprise your friends:
1) Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce of the tv M*A*S*H) WHEN YOUNG, now he just looks like a grandpa to me, but when he was younger... not that shabby. In a weird looking sorta way. Maybe it's just his personality (Hawkeye's that is).
2) Jake Gyken...Gyken.. ER BROKEBACK BOY! lol (i don't normally like the preppy look, but he's creepy cool in Donnie Darko)
3) Christopher Eccelston (sp?... the NEW Dr. Who... well semi-new)
4) Eddie Izzard. Okay so he has more mascara and eyeshadow than ME, but he looks so cool! Again this could be his personality that i'm attracted too lol. He is HILLAROUS.
5) Hugo Weaving (okay its mostly his personality cuz he's really not that handsome, he's actually kinda creepy. I think it's the forehead, lol. But he's V, Agent Smith and Elrond. The man just rocks)
* yes i recently altered this, since I'm off the medication now and could think clearly lol.

FOUR SINGERS you think have made their career actually based on singing ability:
1) Maynard of Tool and Perfect Circle
2) Trent Reznor
3) Johnny Cash
4) Frank Sinatra (huh, i think all could have made it on writing ability too, well except frankie)

THREE MOVIES you think didn't get the recognition they deserved:
1) Layer Cake
2) Equilibrium
3) V for Vendetta (ok so it's #1 this weekend, but you watch it will drop, it's too smart for people)

TWO SONGS that have gotten stuck in your head this week:
1) Wish you were Here - Pink Floyd
2) AC/DC - TNT

ONE spam e-mail subject line that really entertained you: Free Penis Enlarged. (um... excuse me?)

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