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Tuesday, March 28, 2006/10:09 AM

Just "MacGyver" it

As a child of the 80's I was addicted to the ABC hit, MacGyver. Oh how i loved that show. First off, i was in love with Richard Dean Anderson (still kinda like him, despite how I grind my teeth when someone mentions Stargate). Secondly he did such cool things and with nothing more than bubble gum and a twig (best i can get out of that combination is a minature flag pole). But like many things of my childhood, the memory sorta slipped away. Until the SUPER BOWL. Yes i know you're going to say "Good God Ielle, this post is WAY late" Oh no my friend, for you see once again the memory of MacGyver slipped away until this morning when I saw that ad for the first time SINCE the bowl and nearly died laughing.

Richard Dean Anderson (you can't say his name without FULLY saying it, can you? Wonder how that works in person?) is a funny guy. His comic timing is fricken AWESOME and some of his best stuff is just small eyebrow raises. A common man's "huh, look at that." kinda of moment that crosses his face. Anyway, what really came to mind this morning when i saw the ad was all the memories of being little and pretending to be his partner and running around trying to save my cousins with the crap we slung together ourselves (again usually bubble gum and twigs... occasionally a lost GI Joe's arm or a roller skate key). And of course it always worked (amazing how imaginary locks bust right open and those translucent walls explode with the mere touch of some bubble yum).

It got me wondering, what fun MacGyver-esk shows do kids have now that are both adult and family? NBC's new show, Heist? Okay i'm all for Heist (hell i'm taping it tomorrow since i know i'll be at friends and they'll probably watch something else) but do i want my future kids planning how to break into a diamond store? Huh, well thankgod for reruns.

One last thing, the title of this post is indeed a phrase which my friends and family use. What is it they say...? You know you've made it when you become a VERB. Excellent. :)

see the visa MacGyver Ad on video google

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