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Sunday, March 26, 2006/4:08 PM

Ah, laziness... how I embrace you.

Okay so don't freak I'm still actively pushing myself through my Operation Fix Ielle campaign, but it is ever so nice to have moments of Laziness... bliss I tell you, PURE BLISS. And ever better when you're technically getting stuff done while kicking back.

Case in point, the single most strange and yet seriously ingenious Christmas present I received this year. The Robo-maid.

Yes you read right. I am the proud owner of a robo-maid (see pictures... not that he EVER sits still for a picture!) Okay so it's really just a crazy ball, like those childhood toys that had the bit of fur attached to it and it was suppose to be a pet. What WAS it... a ferret chasing its ball across your floor? Oh the great times we had with that toy. Okay, maybe not. But you put that silly toy inside what looks to be a basketball hoop that's been partially flattened, attach that to a swiffer dust sheet and holy crap you have a robo-maid!

And I adore this thing. I really do! First, it's just funny. I mean you set the timer for whatever (half hour, hour, hour and a half) slap the little dust sheet on the bottom and let her rip. You in the meantime go get cocoa (okay, I go get cocoa). It fits under the bed, sweeps under the fouton, slides along all my hardwood floors (oh yeah that's the only downer, she only works on hard surfaces, but my entire apartment is a hard surface. I think I can live vacuuming a 3 separate 5 x 8 throw rugs... oh wait, 4 rugs... whoo).

Anyway, despite the occasional I, Robot/Terminator Series feeling that comes over me while watching it work, it continues to be nice to know that I can be on here fixing my blog, correcting papers and just kicking back in general while my little buddy sweeps along minding his own business.

God I feel so Ray Bradbury. :)

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