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Monday, March 20, 2006/9:40 AM

Nothing like a Good Fall onto the Floor.
I am seriously looking at my office floor thinking, huh... that looks comfy. And this is AFTER seeing a silverfish when i came into today crawling on same said floor. YIKES. I am tired.
Honestly, i'm not even sure how i'm typing right now, or what on earth i am saying I'm that far gone. To put it plainly, it has been a LOOOONNNG weekend.
Went to see V for Vendetta. I'm so happy (3 days later) that words cannot express... the joy... eh, i'm too tired to even make an effort. It rocks, nuff said. It had everything a little gal like me could ask for, crazy man fencing, crazy man blowing stuff up, crazy man spewing aliteration of the letter V (that's pretty impressive, i mean right now off the top of your head how many v words can you conjure up? Yeah, i thought so). OH, OH and crazy man running about like Benny Hill saxaphone music and all (you gotta see that scene to get it, it was great).
Anyway i ended up getting sick which originally i blamed my st. patty's day celebration on, BUT now i'm starting to think i really had a bug too. Great nothing like Rum and the flu to mess you up royally and screw you out of an entire weekend. Hell today i'm typing with my head on my arm (this is a very interesting position to type in mind you. I would like to thank my yoga intructor...). Even now my tummy isn't completely happy. I mean i don't think i'm gonna need to make a run for the bathroom, but a nice pepto tablet would be good right now.
Anyway getting away from hurling projectiles, my saturday ended up being me on my couch feeling like crap. Yesterday i came into the office picked up some books sent a few emails and went back home to again sleep away what i'm beginning to suspect is a cold (my hangovers are gone by mid-day the next day usually and i wasn't feeling that well prior to drinking). Did some reading, and went to bed. REAL eventful.
Ah well, at least i got to see V and walked out of there happy. And i did have a fun time out with friends. I'll cling to that while i sit here in my office wondering if should go home for lunch and get some asprin.

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