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Tuesday, March 21, 2006/11:03 AM


That is how i feel. I just don't get it. I was on the mend until about midnight last night. I was feeling better, i was joking with friends and then during my knitting session with Julie i just started to feel... bleh.

So i went home, crawled into bed but just before that i did something very stupid.

I put on some jergens tinted lotion. It makes you look a little less pasty (trust me, i'm pretty pale so less pasty is a good thing) but i haven't used the stuff in a long long time, as the smell was too much for me. But i thought, oh that was probably just my imagination. I'm sure it's fine.

Yeah right. Today, all i can smell is that damn lotion and i feel like i'm going to hurl. I'm going to lunch in a bit and you better believe that i'm going to jump into the shower real quick to try and get rid of this wretched smell.

All i can say is WTF, four days of feeling like hell. ENOUGH! Can i get back to my life now? Thank you!

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