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Tuesday, March 07, 2006/11:03 AM

Could we just stop.
Could we just stop making me feel OLD!
Seriously, i turn on the tv this morning to try and help wake myself out of my sleep induced sinus headache (which i have most mornings until i fully shake off the sleepies) only to find the Tyra show (Tyra Banks has a talk show for those of you NOT in the know). What do i find? Three perky little barely 20-somethings sitting in 70s style clothing while on a couch.
Because apparently they are part of the cast from MTV's new hit, the 1970 house.
Um i didn't realize they had such a show (I've banned MTV from my TV viewing habits. I'm protesting the fact that they are NOT a music channel and therefore should have the name stripped from them). What have the done now? They put a bunch of 18-21 year olds in a house full of stuff only found in the 1970s, took away their cellphones, ipods, beepers, playstations and such and plopped them into the world of Kelso, Hyde, Jackie, Donna, Fez and Eric.
So why do i have a beef with this? Um i was born in the 1970s, i remember it a bit. I certainly remember not having a cellphone (I've only owned one since 1999), I drove a 1977 cutlass supreme olds for my first car that ONLY had an AM radio (and that was in 1995). I never had a playstation until 1999, I had a nintendo but that didn't come to my house until '90. I grew up with a 70s pong game (which i was happy to see that they had my model in the show lol), hell i played the thing last week when i was at my parents. I LUV that game and can't believe it still works (take that modern technology, stuff that lasts who would have thunk it). I owned many records. I didn't get my first tape until 1985 (it was bryan adams reckless, that's why i remember), my frist cd didn't come about til highschool, probably 93 or 94.
And these kids are whining! WHINING! Shut up, humanity survied without all this junk. I mean how often do i play my playstation really? Don't get me wrong i would be sad if someone took it away, but come on... the 1970s. That's not really roughing it guys. WHOOO we had to play a record. The guest actually said "It took like 20 minutes to put on a record" Son, if it takes you twenty minutes to put on a record, I believe it's time to have yourself tested for a learning disability. Cuz you ain't right in the head. I love listening to records to this day. Mind you CDs sooo much nicer, but i have a record player, just incase i want to listen to a record.
Send these kids to the pbs 1900 house. Better yet, send them to one of those places that recreate viking villages. I'd love to see those pretty little girls have to farm lol. "Ohhh i broke a nail!" (um honey you don't have nails in that environment, start chewing lol lol).
Stupid MTV. Stupid for a) making me feel as though i should be considered a relic now and stupid for b) thinking the 70s were soooo drastically different.

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