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Thursday, March 09, 2006/4:05 PM


I swear if i have to spend two more minutes in this office. I"m going to just eat my shoe (which is very sad, as i like these boots). I have the worst urge to go hiking in the glen (which would be bad today as it is a) rainy and b) not all that warm) BUT MY GOD I WANT OUT!! I mean look how nice that looks (um look through the mist that made the picture fuzzy) If you could see my face you'd see I was very happy.

Don't get me wrong i love my job and had a delightful day with students. In addition i'll be getting free food in um *checking watch* forty five minutes!

But, this doesn't alter the fact that i REALLY, REALLY just want to do something outside. And to add to my grumps, they messed up the time for my Term III class, now i'm not sure if i'll get my 2:15 time slot! ARGH. I"m set for 8:15 right now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Hopefully i can get my original 12:30 time slot. I'd be fine with that. Yes... at this point 12:30 is looking fine.

Thirty minutes till the feed me. God i hope it something good... ah screw it, it's free. Whom am i to complain? lol

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