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Thursday, March 02, 2006/12:28 PM

Army of Me

So there i was.... "lost Nite" at Bryon and Julie's again when suddenly a discussion broke out! A discussion you say, of what? Well, simply put, it was of two frightening words: EVIL DEAD

(*enter scream here*)

Seriously though, I went to Bryon and Julie's last night and they, Stine and I settled down to watch our Wednesday favorite Lost, when we learned that Stine had not seen Evil Dead. NOT SEEN EVIL DEAD!!! SAY WAH?

Fearing for her safety, we decided it was important for her to be exposed to the truth that is out there, that the necromonicron (whew that's not spelled right lol) is out there and waiting to kill us ALL. (or at least turn us into laughing zombies, stop all of our wall clocks, or attack us with trees) .

My god i forgot just how much i loved Evil Dead and it's not like it's been that long since i've seen it. I watched it just last year when i was still working for Blockbuster and could rent for free.... ah those were the days. Ahem... FOCUS!

EVIL DEAD, yes a fine piece of masterful crap. It really is horrid, but as it revels in its wretchedness it finds a way to lift itself to a higher plain of existence. That of the Satire. Though I am pretty sure it didn't start out that way.

But here's where my praise stops for the franchise, Army of Darkness. I know, i know you're all going to gang up and attack me now. What do you mean Army of Darkness isn't as good... it is the pinnacle, the golden glory of Rami, blah blah blah. I know, it's good, production wise, the oneliners are there, there's an actual story everything a girl like me could ask for right? Yeah, but somehow unlike the other films i just can't take the misogynistic overtones (yes over not under because they are BLATENT) in this film. His line "Gimme some sugar baby" makes me retch, and yet i don't consider myself some crazed feminazi. So why does the way that he suddenly grabs her and holds her head make my skin boil? It's not that I don't think Bruce Campbell is a stud, he is... whew especially in Army. But come on! Naked topless women being captured as slaves, for what exactly? I mean, had it a point then perhaps i wouldn't gripe, but why are the naked slave women needed? I'm not talking about the main character girl, i get that. But i don't get the other slave women.

For some reason those moments pull me out of having total enjoyment of the film. Very sad, because if there is one thing i love, it's hearing Bruce say, "Shop smart, shop S-Mart!" lol!

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