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Thursday, March 16, 2006/8:50 AM

Midnight in the Garden of
Good and Denny's

So monday i'm suppose to be home correcting papers... what, they're done now.... and i get a phone call from Julie saying, "Hey the girls are going to Barnes and Noble to knit and hang, do you want to come?" DO I? Hmmm... papers... seeing friends.... papers... seeing friends. Eh, what's a little less sleep, okay I'm in!

So after some serious detours (i arrived at Julie and Bryon's at 7:15 to drive over with her, wel didn't leave until quarter to 8 LOL) including a quickie drop off of pop cans at TOPS, we made it to Barnes only to see poor D sitting alone (mind you she called julie and i on our cellphones only seconds prior... probably a) out of concern as i'm rarely late and b) sheer irritation of being alone in the store, can't blame her there). I felt bad as we were a HALF HOUR LATE! But, such is life and we quickly got on with the business of laughing and knitting.

What a night, between crazy mindless gibber-jabber about anime to discussion of upcoming trips to japan (their's, not mine as well... I'm poor and have to work) to D threatening to "stabby stab" things with her needles (had to be there, it was very funny). Then the phone rings (you know i bitch about cellphones being the end of civilaztion and manners, but really the damn things ARE convienent) and Sarah's on the other end going "Are you still there? Don't move, don't you dare LEAVE, i'm coming over!" Yay! More the merrier.... and what a shock too!

The girl walks in looking like Mary Jane Watson's CLONE (spiderman's girl for those of you comicly-impaired). It looks great on her (am now pouting over my lust for my own red hair, but sadly the fear of ruining my hair to get it that shade wins out... very JEALOUS Sarah. I'm very JEALOUS! lol). So then we all started talking hair (oh yeah that was my topic of the night whether or not to get the balls up and cut my hair like Natalie Portman (see my post 2 below). Sarah agreed that i'd look good that way BUT I'd have to do my eyebrows the same day (nearly died laughing as she tried to backout of that statement which sounded a bit as though she had just said i was a hairy eyebrowed creature LOL... don't fret sarah I know my eyebrows need a trim and it WAS on the list of things to do next paycheck, so no offense taken). So there you are folks, next month (Hoping it will get a bit warmer by then!) choppity chop and rrrrrip (that's the sound of my eyebrows being yanked out in one full sweep... AH! Men have it far too easy) So there mother, come spring i'll be buying flouncy stuff again to keep myself from looking butch, you can be happy now.

You may ask, if you're fearful you'll look butch why are you doing it? 4 reasons 1) i really like that little pixie look, it's so cute... dammit i want to be cute LOL. 2) Short is easy, managable and fast and 3) I'm tired of my hairdo and finally 4) my hair's a bit damaged and i'm hoping that like a bonsai tree by trimming this puppy back it will grow back more lush (yes... i just said lush ;) ). As for the eyebrows... they need it. END of story.

Getting back to Monday night, Barnes shutdown on us around 10 (as they ALWAYS do, they really need to get later hours 10pm is stupid) but we were having so much fun that we decided screw it, lets go somewhere they WON'T kick us out. Denny's. And the party continued. Crazy discussions, knitting and all (all meaning i got a milkshake... yummy). Lots of strange occurances there, too numerous to list here, but lets just say it was very educational. And in the end around 12:30 we all decided that perhaps we should retire and go our seperate ways. D and Sarah in their cars, Julie and I in her Jeep. A very good night indeed.

Oh, one last strange note. Monday night a HUGE wave of rain hit the area, causing mini flooding on the streets. The storm had passed by the time Julie and i were returning to Elmira (Denny's in the heights) but that didn't stop us from driving through a puddle big enough to coat the entire car and block out the windshield for a few seconds. It was like being on the log-ride at Darien Lake or running through a car wash. All of that from one puddle, one that we didn't even see until it was pouring over us. What a blast, mud puddle, Barnes and Nobles, Denny's and all. I need more nights like that. :)

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