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Thursday, February 09, 2006/12:59 PM

There are times when the memories of childhood seep back, overcoming your present state and pull you under. Some of the time they deal with incidents, like the first time you rode a bike, or your trip to Disneyworld (which by the way I've never been... sad sad me, except wait i can't stand Disney). Other times they are little things, like the smell of chapstik reminding you of how much you loved to trade lip gloss with friends (since learned you shouldn't do that lol). These are the best memories, in my opinion. The ones that instantly make you happy. The ones that remind you that your life wasn't always full of bills, lunch dates, faxes, cellphones, papers, taxes, school loans, laundry, dishes, dusting and god knows what other crap responsibilities you might have.

And i happily had one today.

I crawled out of the badger hole which is my office, only to find that it was a beautiful, sunny day. HOWEVER the second i opened the door and stepped out I was bombarded by winds worthy of a hurricane. They whipped around me, trying to pull my sunglasses off and yanking at my coat. Eventually i had to fold my arms and stuff my hands down my sleeves just to keep warm.

Sounds miserable, right?

Actually it triggered something. Something i read, long ago. First grade to be percise. It was one of those silly little kid's books where the word is replaced with the picture in the middle of a sentence. So if you have the ball was red, the world ball would be switched out with an actual picture.

But it wasn't just this memory of pictured filled sentences that came back, but of the story. The story of how the winds and the sun had a bet they they could take a little girl's coat off. And how the winds huffed and puffed, but the little girl only held her coat tighter. Then it was the sun's turn. It beamed brightly and soon the girl took off her coat, laid it on the ground and sat upon it, soaking up the rays.

I know it's a corny little story, but that was what crossed my mind as i forced myself across the quad today. I remembered being that little girl, with that book sitting under the kitchen table, reading my book, thinking how nice it is sit under the sun.

Gotta love a memory like that.

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