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Friday, February 03, 2006/5:46 PM

Funniest Moment of the week
Groundhog's Day Thursday. The day in which the noble groundhog (or whistle pig as he is commonly know in virginia... according to my co-worker our resident virginian) comes out and looks to see his shadow. If he does there are 6 more weeks of winter.

Why is this funny?

Because in honor of Groundhog's Day yesterday ALL of the writing lecturers took a moment and in a herd went up from the bunker/hole which we live in to see if we saw our shadows.

Sadly we did. Damn... six more weeks of winter *sigh* On the brightside it was a REALLY nice day. No jackets needed! Wow.

* hey what can i say this week was kinda eh.. but at least i had a good chuckle over GD

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