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Wednesday, February 15, 2006/8:59 AM

So i've joined a online forum for comic book fans/artists. It's soo much fun and i've learned so much from them (thanks guys... and hello if any of you are visiting my blog :) ).

Anyway, i decided to post here my recent submission to the GI JOE-jamboree on the site. The task was to draw Snake Eyes of JOE fame.

BUT everyone had him whooping ass. I decided that as one of the few girls (which i realize I'm not the only gal, but seems thus far that we are a rare breed) I needed to support the other side of Snakey, the side that i loved so much as a kid, the side that was in love with Scarlett (whom i kinda liked, but honestly i prefered Covergirl, as she at least didn't string men on... Scarlett and Duke, Scarlett and Snake Eyes... MAKE UP MY MIND lol).

Have since learned that in the comics they were married (yea!!)

so see, as rough and tough, guts bleeding, ninja ass kicking, kung fu loving crazy as i am... i'm still a sucker for a good love story.

I just prefer them with blood and violence and not kittens and whiskers ;)

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