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Monday, February 13, 2006/2:08 PM

So I'll admit it. I was sucked in by the horrible super bowl advertising for ABC's medical drama, Grey's Anatomy (we had figured out during the game from the ads alone that it was going to be about a bomb in the hospital so we figured what the hell).

What did if find, much to my delight... Kyle Chandler. Awwww. I used to have the biggest crush on him when he was on Early Edition (my mother and i watched it... get off my back! I know it was completely hokey.. but dang it, my grandmother had a cat that looked like that... SIDENOTE: Kyle was in King Kong... whoo hoo! keep em coming!) ANYWAY, he was the head of the bomb squad. And Julie and i were very delighted.


Come again... baking powder?


Okay fine i'll watch your stupid show one more week. EVIL monkey BAS....grrr. So last night i settled down to watch it again (luckily alone this time, as i think i shouted at the tv a couple of times... something that might have been embarassing if done in public lol)

Yeah here's a ****** SPOILER ****

They blew kyle up!

SAY WAH!!!!!
I don't think so. you did not just kill Kyle Chandler. as it said on a board Julie read, YOU DON"T KILL GARY!!!

I'm so put off from the show now. So way to go guys. IF you were trying to pull in new viewers with that little 2 parter, good job. You've now lost me forever. Unless you can figure out how to piece together "pink mist" as they so delicately put it.

*le sigh*

Good news though. Christina Ricci was ALSO in the episode. She did very well, i like her character AND she's lost a ton of weight, which i'm on the fence about as i never thought of her as fat. But her face was always a bit chubby. Not anymore. I was sooooo jealous. She's very adorable now, awwww. Still goth though, YEAAA! lol

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