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Saturday, January 21, 2006/7:40 PM

So today (among other things, I SWEAR) I scoured the web to find an old friend's blog. Why? I donno just kinda missed her and wondered what she was up to.

Did I find it? No.

God dang is it HARD to find someone on this net. I donno how they claim it's so easy. You must have to be some sort of hacker. HOWEVER I did find her IM and was able to chat for a bit so that was nice (got the blog address too!). Nice to hear all is well in the world with some of my old college bubs.

I've tried to contact a few others, but some are MIA. Must be their emails no longer work. Sorry I lost touch guys, it wasn't to be cruel. Honest to god, people get busy... and um, hey now, the phone works both ways guys lol!

So for those of you I have yet to get a chance to check in on (but you check in on me here) HI! Not much going on here in Elmira. Loving my job... um.... like my latest addition of friends (still miss you guys though). My new apartment is KICKIN' (AND HUGE!) ! Um I'm now officially addicted to pilates (though I'm not sure if I can spell it yet lol). I've become re-addicted to graphic novels (probably because of all the scholarly reading I do, this is my "screw you" establishment movement... or I just like looking at the pictures hee hee). I'm advisor the Harry Potter Club (stop laughing... I like Harry Potter!) on campus. I've taken up knitting and made a bunch of scarves, glove and such. Julie (a new friend) and I are currently working on scarves for the Dulann (sp?) Project which sends winter items to poor people in Mongolia. Hmmm... and um, I guess that's it...

Oh yeah, I'm getting married....

PSYCHE! (there's a good child of the 80's word)

Hardly. Still keeping the same track record in that department... which is nill *sigh* ah well... someday. but it was fun just to type it on there and picture a bunch of mouths dropping. ;)

Hmmm, what else. Guess not much. God I'm boring. Okay, I'm just gonna blame it on my job and my students lol. Miss ALL YOU GUYS!!!!

And to one person in particular. Lets just let the past be that way. I understand the title of "buddies" is long long gone for us, but maybe, hopefully, some day we can call each other "friends".

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