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Thursday, January 19, 2006/8:46 PM

luv my students. so far this week I've been surprised by the following (each had caused me to laugh and some to shake my head in shame as well)

most have no idea who Donna Reed is... yet they know Jimmy Stewert... kinda: "He's the Christmas screaming guy" lol

one didn't know what ALPO was.

Many have never heard of the children's poem "The house that Jack built"

More than half have never seen Back to the Future (ended up using Terminator to explain the issues with time travel instead lol... if you've read Twain's A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, you might somehow see how Gov. Arrr-nold came up in class, although I'm still a bit confused how we got there... and i was there!)

Again over half did not know that Paris was on fire for nearly 2 weeks back in october due to riots

So many of my girls are jaded when it comes to guys. I mean wow... i thought i could get nasty when dumped lol.

whatever educational trick they try to pull, (i.e. copying from others, pushing in the margins, increasing the font or spacing) the seem to: a) think they came up with this idea and b) that i have never tried to either do it myself, or seen others do it.

lol... god love the little nutters. They do entertain me :)


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