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Monday, January 09, 2006/11:47 PM

High ho... High ho... oh forget it. I won't bother continuing to sink into that cliche, but I will say this. It does feel good to be back at work....

booo waa haa haa... couldn't even say that without laughing.

Okay, I really do love my job (thank god it's about time) but at the same time, I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't enjoying break. I would like to know what the hell happened to my break though. I think I slept through it. Whiiiiiccchhh... really wouldn't surprise me, so there you go.

It was the first day back today. And my classes seem good. The morning class needs to be jolted with a car battery, but that's expected. My afternoon class was wired (again expected) so there you have it. As for office hours. Well, they haven't really read anything yet, so there are no tutorials, so basically I spent the day polishing my reading schedule and ordering books for next term... um in between the net surfing lol.

So I get out of work and drag myself back to my apartment (gee, this is hard not having nap time again lol) and my friends call asking if I want to meet them at Barnes N Noble (a strange yet popular place to hangout, actually it's quite fun. Think the library but with no old spinster shushing you AND comfy chairs! Oh, oh and food! Excellent place) so I said what the heck. In fact I got so bored sitting around the house waiting for them to get out of dinner that I headed over early, toting my sketch book along. My god, how long has it been since I've sketched? Too long, but I had this itch I needed to scratch. I saw a pic of Wolverine online that I adore and somehow just copying it off wasn't doing it for me, so I decided to make my own version. A bit of pencil, some paper and one hour later and I had it. Mind you it wasn't dark enough for me, so I took it home scanned it into my computer and messed around with the contrast, but here you are. The original (obviously done by a Marvel professional) to your right and my reworking solely in #6b pencil, worked in Barnes n Noble this very night. I'm kinda jealous, they have claws coming in from the right too, but damn it I just couldn't get those right so I said screw it and took em out. Even so, he looks pretty cool. Not half as cool as the original, but hey, I'm just screwing around. If nothing else it will perk up my office when I hang it up tomorrow (think I'll hang the copy and put the original somewhere safe). Anyway tell me what you think :)

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