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Tuesday, January 31, 2006/11:34 PM

It's 10:00, I'm figuring Bush is done telling lies to us by now (I turned it off before the puppet could open his mouth).

BUT then I went online a few minutes ago and found that Cindy Sheehan the mother who was on our TV all summer protesting outside "W"s place in Texas was arrested IN the capital TONIGHT just prior to Jr's speech.

Now part of me said hmmm, well perhaps she was causing a ruckus. She is a bit mouthy (see even little independent.. PRO-FREEDOM, anti-conservative me admits she's a blowhard at times). BUT NO! Do you know WHY she was arrested?

For wearing a T-Shirt.

FOR GODSAKES!!! THIS IS AMERICA!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but do we or do we not have listed in our Bill of Rights the lovely ol' first amendment which allows us the freedom of speech? AND before anyone starts saying... oh well, that's not technically "speech" it covers magazine, newspaper, blogs, ANY TYPE OF SPEECH!

Legally speaking I can run into Wal-mart and flip them the bird screaming the F-word (uh I'll be arrested for disturbing the peace, but that's another matter).

She did not stand up and start chanting.
She did not run around with a sandwich board.
She did not shoot anyone.
She did not blow up a clinic.

She wore an anti-war T-Shirt.

She was a special guest of some Californian Democrat (had a ticket and everything). They had quietly taken their seats, she then took her coat off and that was all she wrote... literally.

I would like to point out that when I was in high school we ran our own little T-shirt battle with the principal fighting for the right to wear the co-ed naked t-shirts. They kept trying to ban them... making us turned them inside out.. we'd turn them right back. Yes, we kept wearing them until finally they gave up (MUHH WAA HAA.. nice when a protest works).

So I have this to say to the IDIOTS to arrested Cindy:

YOU ARE MORONS. NOBODY... I mean NOBODY would have noticed her little silent protest. The networks that cover the state of union would probably comment on her presence and possibly the shirt (certainly they would notice on FOX simply because they like to sensationalize) then she would have been forgotten. FORGOTTEN... do you understand that concept? Ignored. America had already forgotten about her the second hurricane Katrina kicked in. We Americans are like cats. You dangle something shiny and fun in our faces and we'll lose interest in whatever we were doing.

So what have you done, Mr. Officer that took her downtown?

What have you done you silly intern who actually called this in?

You've given her a cause.
You've given her a voice.
You've given her NOTICE.

I thank you. Because without you making a big deal out of a t-shirt, people might have forgotten she was there. And well, as much as I don't think one mother protesting will get us out of this mess we're in, it's fun to see that once again you overreacted and made things worse. Good to see your foreign policy is sort of a blanket policy for all minor conflicts. Good job.

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