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Thursday, January 26, 2006/9:55 AM

So it's nearly 10am and I'm at work.

sitting here.

doing nothing.


i should be doing a whole bunch of paperwork junk, but it's just not hitting me (don't worry about me, i'll be doing it soon enough... just not right now).

They say this week is the most depressing week of the year. GOOD GOD DID THEY HIT THAT ON THE HEAD.

I have been semi-in-the-dumps since monday.

Not really depressed or dispondant or anything, lol... no not that bad; but yeah.. kinda blah (howz that for articulate lol?). Of course there is the usual reasons (the reasons for why they calling this week the most depressing week) Bills are coming up, money is tight, All i ever see is night, never day as i have no window (*le sigh* lol). But then there is the REAL culprit.

Fricken Valentines Day crap is on the shelves.

OH LORDY! they really should ban that holiday. I mean it is probably (next to x-mas and new years) the biggest holiday where people off themselves. Now, i NEVER condone killing yourself, but i can see how this crap of a fake greeting card holiday could be the straw to push an already unstable person over.

1st: you are surrounded by red and pink. Red hearts, red candies, red napkins... red, red red.... correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't red the color in which they claim can drive people mad, so that's brilliant.

2nd: In the land of divorices, domestic disturbances and god knows what other springer related relationship nightmares that are out there, do we really need to rub it in these people's face that no, life is NOT a storybook hallmark card (although on a side note they really do have a hallmark card for everything so i'm sure there is one entitled: I'm sorry i shot up your trailer, but damnit can you please give me the dog back?)

3rd: Most valentines candy is VILE (oh wait except candy hearts, they're tasty and you can entertain yourself with silly sentences built out of them)

4th: it is OPENLY acknowledged as a holiday simply created to sell cards.... um no one has a problem with this? Come on, at least Christmas tries to pretend to have a higher meaning.

So there.. that's my bitter gripe of the day lol. This is probably all coming on because i have to be at an awards thing later and i'm just kinda tired so that's really not all the appealling to me right now. *sigh* ah well... winter gripes. Everyone has them... welcome to mind :)

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