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Thursday, January 19, 2006/8:17 PM

So julie and i were watching tv a few weeks ago and the most ridiculous video for an independant band EVER came on. The band (ok go) used one video camera (like the kind your father would have chased you all over the house with when you were a kid... wait was that just me and my nutty dad? lol) put it on a tripod and did a dance routine that would have made my high school cheerleaders proud.

After it ended (and my sides stopped aching) i vowed to download the song, but damn it i never could remember the title until HOORAY i found it the other day. The title? It is: Your a million ways to be cruel. And it's quite a good song. I think i'm going to make that my pick for download of the month.

Million ways to be cruel

And go on spiked humor to watch the dancing.... EXCELLENT lol.

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