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Friday, January 27, 2006/2:19 PM

Question for You...

"Do you
the 5th of
The Gunpowder
the treason
the plot?
I know of no
reason why
should ever
be forgot."

My god how I'm addicted to this graphic novel.
What is it you ask?

V for Vendetta.

Marvelously written. Expertly crafted. Drawing... well the artwork has its moments. I would like to say that I joined the bandwagon of this GN prior to it's announced movie incarnation, but that's not true and I won't lie to you all. I was puttering around one day and blam... V for Vendetta staring Natalie Portman (whom I'm slowly forgiving for SW 1-3... as it was Pukas's fault, not her for ruining my childhood memories) and Hugo Weaving ("Mister Annn-der-SON!" God bless that Agent-Elven,Matrix bending, scene stealing Aussie devil!). My curiosity was tweaked. And so being the good little nosey Nancy that I am, I poked around for info on the film until I discover wha...wha..wha..wha? This was a GN created by Alan Moore! Oh HOLY GOD! Alan MOORE!

Who is Alan moore?

Get out of here. Leave my blog at once.

Actually you're probably as familiar with is work as I am (although I'll admit I didn't start recognizing his name until a few years ago and THEN I had yet to have the chance to read his work until recently). BUT he's created many Graphic Novels which have spawned into films. From Hell (with Johnny Depp), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (a rather guilty pleasure of mine lol. It's a slightly bad film, but it's a great graphic novel. Someone just sorta, well did what Hollywierd always does to books... they kinda fubared it. *sigh* perhaps someday they'll fix it. Although I still stand by the cheesey movie that has been made and say, hey it's fun. Give it that. It is FUN. Just not at all meaningful).

ANYWAY I'm hoping that this new film will take Moore's work and finally treat it with the consideration it deserves. And if not... well hey we got to see Natalie Portman have her hair shaved off. Um... she still looks better than me though. Not happy about that lol. Still can't get over how much she looks like my cousin Dan's daughter (when she has hair i mean). Uncanny, really.

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