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Tuesday, January 31, 2006/9:13 PM

Went to a basketball game this evening and found myself semi-pleasantly surprised by the cheerleaders.

It had nothing to do with their routines, or their energy (which was pretty good... well the routines needed some work, they were obviously NOT the school's first string cheering squad).

BUT out of a squad of 7, one... count em ONLY ONE was a smaller than a size 10. Out of the other six, I'd say most were about a 14 and up!

It was nice to see a school accepting that there is more than one set size for a cheerleader *cough* ZERO *cough*. I'm all for seeing the end of the "American Stick Insect" days (as Bridget's calls them). HOWEVER... I'm begging people... please... PLEASE if you are not a size ZERO do not dress as though you are one.

SO I guess this has turned from a Cheer into a mini-Jeer. KEEP the girls. They were great. Just get rid of the short tops.

Yes I'm not even talking about short skirts. So what, not everyone has baby giraffe thighs, the skirts were not that bad (except there was one girl who really could have used 1 extra inch of fabric as I could see her bloomers when she stood still... YIKES). Cheerleaders = Short skirts. It's a given. And as an ex-Cheerleader (yes I freely admit I stumbled down that dark peppy path once... thank god I was cured that very same year) I understand the power of the bloomer. BUT I ask you... do you really really need a shirt that's been cut in half?

FACT: few women are built like a model, actress or personal trainer

FACT: Few women are built like Mr. Universe.

These are the only people who have abs worth showing. SO WHY, WHY for the love of God put some poor gal who might have had only a teapsoon of extra ice cream or decide not to do that extra crunch in a shirt that barely clears her boobs when her arms are down, let alone up cheering?

Worse yet, as stated before these nice girls were NOT little. So imagine the rolls... imagine the waves (and I'm not talking about the crowd).

I was very saddened. Here was a team that had taken that extra leap to accept folks of all sizes, realizing that you do not have to be a toothpick to have school spirit. Understanding that we are all equal... and then completely contradicting themselves by jamming these nice gals into clothing that was a) too tight b) too small and c) too slutty.

I'm not being a prude. Keep the short skirts (um pleated might be more flattering than the tight ones they were wearing... looked like they had taken a bathroom towel and wrapped it around themselves tightly ... how can you do a cartwheel in that?). Keep the healthy gals (bye bye anorexia!). Just get them a shirt, eh? I don't care if it's kinda low cut. Just give them something to cover their tummies. (even a unitard underneath might have helped keep the trashy factor down). Something so that we can be excited as they were when they hit the floor.

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