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Thursday, January 05, 2006/12:32 PM

So i am now a new card carrying member of the DSL world. No more shall i grind and drag my way through the world wide web. Whew, and thank god. I was getting tired of having to watch film trailers at my friends (since my work computer doesn't have a sound card... what the *&^$#!!).
So now i can preview my favorite films at my own place and stop pestering my pals if i can use their computers (ahem... sorry Julie and Bryon lol).
Anyway this also means i might actually get to update this site more, now it the whole, nah i don't want to wait for dial-up gripe has gone away.
Okay, well that's my latest news.. i need to go call my old dial-up company and tell them to bugger off.

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