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Friday, January 20, 2006/12:15 AM


wow even the opening title just sucks you in. What is it about those large words eerily floating towards the screen with twilight zonish intensity?

I donno, but I'm hooked. Many of you know that every Wed. I'm parked on my friend's couch having "Lost" night, but what you might not know is that even if I'm forced home (weather, illness or homework load) My behind is STILL parked in front of the TV for that single hour.

Last night however, I realized just why I like this show.

Their writers are about as messed up as I am. lol. Too many characters, strange occurrences that have no reason behind them going off all over the island. Each character a stereotype (the young mother, the druggie, the fat boy, the hero, the bad boy with the heart of gold, the sexy thief, the hard as nails sexy cop, the profound old(er) man, the desperate former dead-beat father) and yet it works. Somehow the writers of this show have managed to take the pratfalls of my writing (circa highschool, not so much now) and actually make it work. I donno how, but it does.

And all I can say is... thank you. Makes me hope that perhaps someday my writing can be half as good.

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