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Thursday, December 01, 2005/10:28 AM

As many of you know I lived in Los Angeles for a summer long, long, long ago. Anyway, having done such i have seen (and walked) over the lovely stars located all over hollywood (had my picture taken standing over Bruce Lee's star, but I refused to show it as those were my "fat" years and the picture is SOOO not flattering lol). So you must believe me when i say that i know what i'm talking about when i comment on the following:
Say, wah? Stolen! How the HELL does someone steal a hollywood star? It's part of the sidewalk. All of the stars are located in high traffic tourist areas. You would need an amazing tool to cut through it and slink off with it. Yet believe it or not, it has been done.
Where were the tourists? Did they just stand around and watch it be pulled up out of the ground? Was it done at night. Even at night Hollywood Blvd. is pretty busy. Now i'll admit LA isn't like NYC where it's a 24/7 kinda town. It does have quiet moments (usually after 2 or 3 am and until about 6 or 7am) but i still find it hard to believe that nobody would notice this. Anyway they've already replaced it. Ah well if nothing else i have to give the person credit, they stole an DEAD amazing actor's star, not say... antonio bandaras or the olsen twins... (say waaahh? they just give these things to anyone nowadays)

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