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Friday, December 30, 2005/10:29 PM

My friend had a link to this site on her blog so i thought, what the heck. It's break, i'm in the mood for a silly quiz. So there you are folks, I now know what kinda of Princess I am (and as the character Sarah from Burnett's A Little Princess says, "Every girl is a princess, didn't your father ever tell you that?"). Trouble is, i did it once it said i was a "Warrior Princess", but then i decided perhaps i wouldn't really break down the tower door and slay everyone if i were locked in it, I would just WISH i could lol. So i went back and was more honest with my answer and this is what i got:


The Noble Princess

You are just and fair, a perfectionist with a
strong sense of proper decorum. You are very
attracted to chivalry, ceremony and dignity.
For the most part you are rather sensible, but
you are also very idealistic.

Role Models: Guinevere, Princess Fiona (of Shrek)

You are most likely to: Get kidnapped by a stray dragon.

What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm... Role Model, Guinevere? So i'm going to marry a man i admire but cheat on him with the man i love (whom i treat terribly 90% of the time). Nice.
Still, really not that bad. Give it a try, see what kinda princess you are!
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