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Wednesday, November 09, 2005/8:00 AM

Two weeks.

It has been two weeks since the French started burning down half the town. Now i ask you, why? So the french government was being inhospitiable to it's immigrants and so forth. As Jay Leno says, "Imagine that, the French being rude to foreigners!"

Okay I'm not really trying to bash the French, i kinda like the guys. Great bread, good wine. Beautiful city, fun movies and of course, their accent is fun to fake and frank-lee Pepe Le Pu, he is my here-row. But seriously, we had 4 days of rioting in Louisiana and everyone around the world freaked out (or pointed and laughed) meanwhile France is working on week number two and has anyone really said anything? No, at least not in American Media.

Is this just another example of the US being a bunch of stuck up snobs who don't care about anything unless is happens with in our own borders? Probably. Is it that France seems to riot once a century anyway? Well there is that.

One thing is for certain, this does show that people are people. I don't care if you're iraqi, isralie, German, Russian, Scottish, American, Canadian, French, WHATEVER. We seem to have no problem destroying our own homes, setting our neighbor's cars on fire and stealing TVs out of store windows. From New Orleans to Paris, it's obvious that it doesn't matter if you have a "stable government", we're no better than a bunch of wild hornets when you get us in a mass.

With that said, i still have one question, what the hell are the French rioting about? The sake of rioting? Do they even know anymore? And where is the Scarlett Pimpernel when you need him?
Bad Richard E. Grant... go get your mask and save these people!

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