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Friday, November 11, 2005/11:35 AM

Okay so i decided to put up a few of the fake book covers i made over the past couple of years. Figure this is my site and if i'm going to show off other people's graphic design, might as well show off my own lol. Enjoy!

Above my artwork for "The Hallow" (story still in the works, it rather large and frankly I'm taking a break from it, since i'm a bit irriated at one of the characters lol... funny how you can be mad at a fake person. But there it is. I am. I just can't get them to come out onto paper they way i want).

To the left "Dreaming Blind" this is my current project, much more edgy than Hallow, this IS still being worked on as we speak.

and Finally, one of my earliest attempts in Photoshop to create a book cover. This was for my short story "Second City" which i have since thrown completely out the window lol. It really does suck, but i still like this as a design. Ah well, some ideas are just not meant for greatness lol.

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