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Wednesday, November 02, 2005/1:49 PM

Hello, my name is Ielle and I'm.... a Knitter.
I've been knitting now for going on two months. It keeps popping up in strange places. I find myself sitting alone in my living room, huddled under the bright light of a single reading lamp, pulling loop through loop in the mechanic's waiting room or pearling away while reading a student's paper.
It's getting bad now. I... I find myself prowling the mall, longingly looking in JoAnn's Fabrics for hours on end. I'm gathering colors that i have no real projects set for. And... and i've even looked over Wal-mart's selection!!!
What's worse is that my friends are involved. How can i possibly get past this when every time i visit all i see are needles strewn about? Big, little... ones with tubes connecting them. IT'S EVERYWHERE!
I keep telling myself... one more loop... one more row... it'll be fine if I can just get to the next color! But it never ends... the scarf gets bigger and bigger!!!
twenty seven green
four gray
seven green
four gray

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