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Friday, November 11, 2005/3:17 PM

I present to you... My Scarf.

Ok it's not COMPLETELY done, but i figured why not show 'er off early, eh? It's funny how this has completely turned into an addiction for me. I can't wait to get on to my next project (which will be fingerless gloves). But I need to finished my Harry Potter: POA in time for the Goblet of Fire premire next friday. *le sigh*... four more rows to go... just four. Damn this scarf is long lol. Sadly my camera's flash needed more battery power and i didn't have any laying about the house, so you really can't get a good glimpse at the color of this beauty, but she's about five and half feet long right now (guessing here). Silver and Hunter Green color (Slytherin House colors) and is warm, warm warm! I plan to fold it in half (thus hiding all the fringes) and make it a bit smaller since right now it's way way too wide (as you can see in the other picture). Hey, it's my first knitting project give a girl a break. I'm quite proud of it, despite the fact that there's a part where it gets wider than narrower again lol. Go figure.

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