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Thursday, November 03, 2005/6:44 PM

I honestly have no idea why i love this holiday. My grandfather died on Halloween, well next year it will be 20 years ago, and since then my halloweens have go drastically wrong. Well perhaps not drastically, but they weren't as much fun as before. UNTIL THIS YEAR!
3... count em THREE party invites! And i went as a different character to each one. Why you ask? Because for some odd reason i REALLY REALLY love this holiday.

So, what did i go as... Courtney love on crack? Um not intentionally lol. Actually that me to the righ with my new favorite wig (it's friggen awesome) dressed as Malice in wonderland. Or as i like to call it, Alice through the paper Shredder lol.

So the first night out Julie and I decide we're going as Rivendale Elves. Somehow all we need was to buy elf ears! We had pretty much everything else. Not sure what that says about us. Perhaps we're costume pack rats. Eh, either way it allowed us a cheap halloween. She only had to spend her time on making her boyfriend, Bryon an awesome darkwing duck outfit. Myself, i spent time creating a new cloak to keep me warm (i had heard it was going to get nasty cold that weekend and it did). Who knew that old t-shirt jersey bedsheet would be so useful??

Then there was party #2.
It was a house party and a fun one at that. Not too much drinking (i'm noticing that since turning 21 we've all sorta just stopped drinking lol. What's that BB King sings about... "The Thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away" ). But a heck of a lot of chatting and laughing. WAY WAY TOO MUCH CANDY! But in the end we had a blast. I as Malice, Jules as Dorothy (oh dear how she did have WAY too much fun putting the glitter on her shoes lol :) ) Bryon again as Darkwing Duck (yeah, he sorta just decided to run with that).

AND FINALLY party #3
which was more of a night out a bar that was having a costume party than a real party. Got to play pool! Enjoyed that. Even if i did lose the fricken game (and my partner CHEATED, lol) But that wasn't the point. This time i went out as Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction (give me a break, this was last minute) while Julie went as a goth fairy elf and well Bryon... you can figure that out on your own lol . Anyway we went to Denny's afterward, had a nice shake

Dammit just realized i went as Uma in Pulp Fiction and DIDN"T get my picture drinking a FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE!. Ah well, next year perhaps? Hey as long as it's as fun as this halloween season was, i'm up for it :)

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