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Sunday, October 09, 2005/7:15 PM

It's that time of the year again. The Cohocton Festival has stuck again! And what festival would be complete without a Tree Sitters Competition. Yes, you read that last few words correctly. Tree.... Sitters... Competition.
I know, you're all asking, "Oh my god I MUST know what that is!"
Okay, maybe you're not, but you're at least a little bit curious, right? Basically the whole idea of the tree sitting comp. is that contestants climb up into the trees surrounding Wayland-Cohocton school sometime on Friday night. They are allowed to bring whatever items they want into the trees. HOWEVER, it's best to go up with as little as possible. The more things you bring the more points are tallied against you (the same rule applies for bathroom breaks, however there ARE scheduled BBs). One teenager won a few years back by going up the tree with absolutely nothing. There were a few other sitters left behind come Sunday (oh did I mention they have to stay there all day until Sunday at 5pm, when the winner is announced!) yet he was deemed the winner since had absolutely no weight other than his own in the tree. All festival long they sit in the trees, some on the branches, other in hammocks. Most sleep the day away (most are teenagers, so really how is that a change from their daily activities?) others chat with the onlookers (people will walk the sidewalks along the trees which adorn the school and read the name/age/hometown signs which are nailed to the trunks. I was lucky enough to have the first sitter I passed shout down, "Hey do you want to take my picture?" lol. He was a sweet teenager, I wish I could remember his name (sorry kid). I guess he saw me messing with my new digital camera (still learning the ropes). Anyway, a special thanks to my unknown model in the tree, happy to say it turned out well. In the second photo you will see a female contestant braving the elements (it was cold and rainy ALL weekend with a high of 51 farenheit). If you look closely you can see the maple leaf designed name tag attached to her tree. Below a few of her friends have gathered to cheer (or jeer) her on. From the sounds of it, they were carrying on like typical teens, gossiping about kids from school (rather loudly lol). You'll also notice how they get these guys up there (nothing like keeping the ladder handy in case you need to make a potty run lol). No idea who was crowned the winner or what exactly they win (I think it's money, but I'm not sure how much). I'll get back you Ob-Zurders on that. Promise ;)

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