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Sunday, October 09, 2005/6:58 PM

Ah, flea markets. God how I love a good flea market. Why is that? What is this strange desire that controls and compels me to waste my time filing through other people's trash? Well events like the Cohocton Festival are a kind of Mecca for my kind (trash sorters? Junk Ogglers? Roving Rummagers?). Saw tons of junk. And I stress junk. Saw lots of interesting craft stuff (my mother's personal Mecca, my slight nightmare... I can stomach small amounts of craft show items. I liken it to folks who have taken bits of poison to build up their immunity. I was raised by a craftswoman. Therefore I can deal with it for a while before screaming and running to the hills). But all in all a good day. I was able to find three interesting prints to hang on my wall (thank God because all the blank cream walls were beginning to rot my MIND!).
Of course there are other great things about flea market festivals... and that's the FOOD! Holy crap, is there anything better than a well made piece of Fried Dough? Mind you I was good this year and didn't buy any :( BUT I did go over and inhale the fumes from the dough machine. Heaven. I did indulge in mozzarella sticks, who could resist with a vender who could easily double at a carnival as a barker? Some lovely gems straight from this nutter's mouth:
"Don't be shy, give it a Try!"
"Italian Sausage, Fries and mozzarella sticks 'll do the trick"
"Lemonade and you've got it made!"
Yeah I know, horrid, eh? But amusing nonetheless. Ah well, they did make a MEAN mozzarella stick. The lemonade was wretched, but such is life.
The food certainly warmed me up, which was all I was looking for. Good Christ it was cold. After a while I think I just went numb and didn't notice anymore. Clad in a tank top, knit sweater with a knit sweat shirt OVER that and to top it all off, a raincoat! Oddly enough I didn't look like the over snow-suited brother from A Christmas Story.
All in all it was a great day. Had I some extra time I would have asked for ride on the horse drawn wagon tour, but my aunt and mother needed to get back.

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