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Tuesday, October 18, 2005/10:22 AM

God I love my country... okay that was half sarcastic. And I do like it, but christ it does make it hard to. Here's another great news item straight from the land of the free and the sue-happy. Apparently game companies are suing the state of California for putting a restriction on the sale and rental of violent games. They claim it violates freedom of speech. Okay I said. I can see that, I mean to ban violent games all out, that IS unconstitutional whether you agree or disagree with the violent video game issue or not. BUT then I read on. The law actually states that it's illegal to sell or rent these games to people under the age of 17. Okay for me that completely throws their freedom of speech thing out.
It's not like they can't sell the game. And frankly a good majority of their customers ARE over 17. Besides, if a 14 year old wants it bad enough they'll find a way (many parents will buy it without looking just to shut the kid up. I've seen this behavior in person many many times). SO honestly, I don't think they're loosing sales. For that reason I found myself starting to lean towards the state's side saying, oh shut the hell up you whinney sue happy freaks. You're just looking for a payday.
THEN I read WHY the state hurried this law into being.
The Grand Theft Auto Secret Sex Scenes. You have got to be kidding me. This is completely apples to oranges. They wrote a law banning the sale of a violent video game because it had several hidden sex scenes? Say wha?? How is that violent? Okay I can see if the game had the sex scenes full of rape or torture. But as far as I've been able to tell it's been nothing but just rough sex scenes. I mean how repressed are we?
First off: It's a video game. If anyone gets their jollies off this, they might want to seek medical attention.
Second: It's a video game, someone had to make these scenes then HIDE them in the game. I know hiding stuff for hardcore gamers is customary. It makes those who spend their ENTIRE lives playing the game feel better about themselves. "Hey I just spent two weeks playing HALO!" "Holy crap man" "Yeah but I got to the secret (insert something stupid here) scene!""Oh, okay" That's typical. But to make a bunch of sex scenes and NOT think this would get out so that folks would have a fit, come on (then again it did make sales jump so perhaps they are crafty little coyotes after all!).
Thirdly: What the hell. This game was at my old job at Blockbuster for nearly 6 months (or more, can't remember now) being rented out day after day. We informed the parents of it's violent "pimp beating his ho", "cop shooting" content nearly every time they rented it for anyone under 17 anyway (some were actually good enough to pluck the game from their screaming child's hand and put it back... amazing parenting DOES still exist! wow!). But the second the characters started to have a little fun... whooo look out! Don't let your kids see that, quick cover their eyes before the scene changes from the bleeding cop's head to his final flash back of making love to his wife... *groan*.
I guess I just don't get it. All around. I don't get those throwing a fit about it being banned to younger people only. I don't get people having it banned only after it was too sexy. I've played Grand Theft Auto. Frankly, it's overrated. It's okay, for an hour then it gets old. So it's violent. Welcome to society. If you don't like that, why don't you try to do some parenting. I know it's hard, you know actually forming that two lettered word and watching you kids cry as you hand the game back. I know it's taxing asking the video clerk their opinion as to whether or not this is suitable for a seven year old. I know it's difficult to learn those tiny little video game rating letters on the corner of the game cases and to decipher their hidden meanings. I mean Mature... what does THAT me? But perhaps you should have thought of that when you were in the middle of the throes of one of those hidden Grand Theft Auto scenes, eh?
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