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Wednesday, October 19, 2005/12:18 AM

After a few complaints (mostly from old friends who hadn't seen me in a bit) here's the most recent pic I have of myself. It's not the best, I'm not particularly fond of it, but hey whatever. It was taken the same day as the waterfall picture seen a few posts ago. But apparently as cool as that one looks, you can't really see me. Ah, the guy behind me is Brian, a new friend of mine, his girlfriend Julie snapped the photo that neither of us realized was being taken until it was too late lol. Were all taking a breather after climbing a nasty bit at the glen. I've never gone UP the glen before despite having visited the place numerous times. Not sure if I want to again lol. It was quite the work out. But it was enjoyable, so I guess I would. Just someone better be at the top with a gatoraid and those electronic shock paddles lol. Sooo anyway, there you go guys. A new pic. Enjoy!

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