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Tuesday, October 04, 2005/6:59 PM

AHHHHHH.. where the hell have i been??

Good question Ozburd gang, for i have no flippen idea
Now before you all freak and wonder if someone has slipped me a ruphie (hmmm I'm 100% sure that's NOT how you spell that), I've been working my ASS off. I go to work, I teach, I hold tutorials with students, i go home and correct papers. Wow... I AM EXCITING!

Actually that's not entirely accurate. I have met some new people in my new town and they are a riot. I'm planning to call them up tonight and see if they want to get a pizza and watch Oldboy with me (this will be my second viewing).

What's Oldboy? HOLY CRAP! If you are a fan of Asian cinema you MUST see this film from Korea. It's not a horror film so everyone can just breath. Old Ielle isn't going to go into one of her Asian horror movies are the only decent horror films around anymore (Romero & Pegg excluded) speech.... although they are. No this is more of a thriller/Ganster style film. No gansters, but certainly there is a tarentino edge to the film. People being beaten by hammers, a guy loosing his tongue (yeah, best to know this up front in case you can't handle such things lol). but it is REALLY amazing, TRUST ME! Think Seven, Kill Bill Vol 2, Snatch and Ringu (not the Ring, RINGU a much more well paced full of tension thriller than the thing Hollywood created). Not really sure if those are acturate comparisons since really there's nothing like this film but those were the best i could come up with.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that "The bitch is back!" (elton John's words, not mine). Lots of pics coming your way, just as soon as i can get my friggen computer to behave (we're having issues right now. If this keeps up, we might have to see someone about our problems).

Hope everyone has had a lovely vacation from blog land... prepare to Obzurd once more!

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