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Friday, October 14, 2005/8:15 AM

It's mid-terms here in Elmira. Oh my lord how the hell did we get here? I swear i just MET my students! I don't get it. Anyway, being my first semester actually teaching, i'm a bit nervy and on edge, but i shall persevere! Ahem, so i hope anyway. The kiddies (as i love to call them behind their back) have October break starting after their last class today. I'm already about 98% sure that i will be stood up for the majority of the day. Friday's are my bad day anyway. For some reason this is when all my students who skip decided to sign up for tutorials. So often i'm sitting in my office most of the day either correcting stuff or knitting and laughing at my co-worker across the hall who usually is just as stood up on Friday's as I am. Hopefully today won't be that wretched, BUT it doesn't help that i'm in a grumpy mood this morning and had to come in early because i had a student want to reschedule. And now it seems as though he too as stood me up! I could have slept in! ARGHHH! Ah well, i think i'm just going to go calm down, have a glass of water and get something to drink. In the long run, it's just not worth the stress related heart disease lol.

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