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Monday, July 18, 2005/2:00 PM

note: these are taken from Would You Rather by Justin Heimberg & David Gomberg... ENJOY
Feel free to share your answers under COMMENT.
Would you Rather Spend a Day With:
Shakespeare of Benny Hill?
VanGogh or Elvis?
Jesus or Judas Priest?
Would you Rather:
Be hole-punched to death
be eaten alive by the cast of Diff'rent Strokes?
Things to consider: The delightful Gary Coleman, puncture wounds.
Would you Rather
Have sex with THE walrus
have sex with A walrus
Would you rather:
appear as Yasir Arafat in the mirror
have a bizarre neurolgical condition where anytime you enter a room, Darth Vader's theme sounds?
Things to consider: Shaving, Dating, Public toilets.
Would you Rather live in a world
Where there was no such thing as war, but also no such thing as pork
Where there was no such thing as crime, but also no such thing as the A-team.
Would you rather be sentenced (in hell) to:
eternal stairmaster
Perpetual diarrhea
Things to consider: Which do you think is the better band name?
Would you rather:
have to always answer the phone with "I am the vindicator of the damned"
have a deep-seated insecuirt hat causes you to refer to yourself as "The Ambassador" as in "The Ambassador would like some more pie!"
Would you rather be:
a marine with scant bladder control
a chess grandmaster with Tourette's syndrome?
And finally:
Would you Rather be stuck on an island...
with the bible or a copy of Juggs magazine
with Barry Manilow or a rubik's cube
with hungry cannibals or horny inmates
with avid Star Trek Fans or constipated clowns
there you go, there are hundreds more, but those were the ones i liked the most (well with the exception of a few that i will save in my memory to surprise on some unsuspecting soul someday just for kicks) for my answers click on comments below. Okay... back to packing :(

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