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Monday, July 04, 2005/7:19 AM

Man, here we are in the middle of our independance day (i won't go into what a oxy-moron that somewhat is...lets try not to get political today), it's gorgeous out and all i want to do is call BOTH of my employers and tell them off.
Here is to MY independence. My freedom from part time hell. My freedom from "the man" (ha!) and all the minimum wages which he stands for. My freedom from having to say, "would you like a bag?" and "Have a nice day" (okay i'll still say that, it is only common courtesy after all). Here's to freedom from polo shirts (eh... well at least i get to wear better shirts, even if I'm still trapped in a dress code). Freedom from silly hardware aprons that say silly slogans like, "Everything you Need" (they don't have everything... we obviously don't sell dashhound puppies... so there, there is one thing we don't have ;( ). Freedom from steel toed shoes (though i do like those boots) freedom from worrying about my drawer being either over or short. Freedom from having to memorize that week's sale flyer. Freedom from having to ask every customer if they want to upgrade their membership to something... well, more expensive and not really worth it. Freedom from the english... oh sorry... i was on a roll... must have channeled Mel Gibson there. Freedom... freedom....FREEDOM!
but not until August *sigh*. Guess i better go get dressed. My independance day is coming, but sadly not just yet. :(

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