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Tuesday, July 12, 2005/7:18 AM

Sights and sounds of Fredonia this early summer morn:

- Children already up and playing across the street
- the soft subtle hum of traffic passing at the front of the house
- Crows arguing over whose worm (or whatever) it is
- Birds chirping over and over hoping someone will fall in love with them (twitterpaited)

sights (upon crawling out of my bed)
- two fawns, twins standing in my back driveway staring out at the world in wonder
- mama deer at the edge of the tree line overseeing all
- the world's fattest crows (nearly the size of alley cats!) still arguing
- The fact that i'm out of butter and i wanted a bagel... grrr
- No mail messages from anyone... that's what i get for being lazy and not writing back yesterday
- the sun filtering through the blinds in the sunroom...blinding me

typical day here, but i just had to report about the twin fawns. AWWWW... i just wanted to run out and hug them and their little flippy white tails. ;)

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