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Monday, July 18, 2005/2:04 PM

So today is packing day (one of many to come until August *sigh*) here in the magical humidity smothering world of Fredonia. Things found while preparing to depart to my "sexy" adult apartment:
- A jar of really old Candy Corn (best guess... 2 Halloweens old)
- A box of Mardi Gra beads straight from New Orleans (odd, i've never been to New Orleans)
- More sunglasses than I have eyeballs for (I think it's time to admit I have a problem)
- A crazy thought proking book a friend once gave me for my birthday (ah the point of this post)
I had forgotten all about this little book until i found it hidden away with my other texts. Flipping through it, i began to laugh. Okay, yes i was procastinating, but there really is some fun stuff in this little guy. Titled: Would you Rather? It reminds me of many a crazy lunch session during high school. Full of mindless questions that not only are absurd but are actually kinda intriguing. I'll leave you with a few this day, as i get back to the sorting and packing... and sweating ...stupid weather.

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