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Sunday, July 10, 2005/9:42 PM

Oh dear, what i won't do for a deal.
2 hours at TJ max today. Don't get me wrong. I adore that place. You could easily lose me there. Too many racks, i nearly go into shopping overload the minute i step inside. Anyway, today I gleefully poured over the racks and racks and racks of sale items. There's just something oddly satisfying about pulling a once $64.00 item out from the minions of multicolored (and some nightmarishly so) textiles only to purchase it for $14.99. Why is this?
Have i solved world hunger?
Have I provided for my family?
Uh... single and childless, so unless you count the cat... no. Come to think of it, my parents are raising him... wow i'm a bad mother ;)
Have i stopped terrorism and truly proven that i'm worthy of W's praise?
Christ i hope not... (yea to end terrorism... boo to W)
Will there be one more happy child out there thanks to my purchase?
I'm sure the kid that spent an entire day sewing the buttons on for his whole quarter will be pleased.
By pulling this blazer from the rack have i proved that i am the smartest woman on the planet and thus worthy of everyone's worship?
Hell yeah.
Oh alright, no... but a gal can dream. Anyway the purpose of this rant is to say... TJ Max rules and I now am one step closer to completing my silly new wardrobe that has been imposed upon me by the powers that be. Personally i think they should pay for my new clothes... but like that's going to happen. HA.

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