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Tuesday, July 12, 2005/6:59 PM

Okay, so here is the latest news in the world of American aerodynamics. Most of us know that the shuttle (my favorite thing when i was a nine year old... it was just sooo cool) has been grounded since Columbia decided to rain down on Texas (whoops). Nasa decided the program (which is over 20 some odd years old) might need a tune up as that their equipment is outdated (ya think? Classic cars are one thing... but space shuttles?). So they sent their astronauts up with the Russians and tinkered with the program a bit. FINALLY this week, some two years after first putting a hold on the program, NASA said, okay... lets test her out. Sounds good, right... Ha. How long have you guys been reading my posts... do you honestly think I'd post a hokey story about NASA making a comback? (okay, i did do a post earlier today on baby deer, but dammit they were cute). So where's the catch you're asking...

Discovery (the shuttle on the launch pad right now) dropped her front windshield today, smashing it against one of the same thermal tiles which caused Columbia to go BOOM two years ago, damaging them 2 days before their launch window. Brilliant. Of course the team is saying... oh oh... it's still good... it's still good! They swear they can replace the windshield AND fix the tiles before the original launch date passes.

Oh and here's the best part. The windshield.... the one that fell some odd feet... like sixty or something... i donno click on discovery above to read more on that.. anyway that windshield was only being held on by... you guessed. Duct Tape.

Good to see the minds at Cape Canveral (most MIT grads... you remember my last post on MIT?) are learning from the best... the Richard Petty NASCAR team. They call it 250 mile an hour tape boys. I don't think it covers rockets. I'm pretty sure duct tape will burn. I think i remember seeing my cousin set fire to it once. Now i'm no rocket scientist, but i'm pretty sure that it gets really hot when you re-enter earth's atmosphere. REALLY hot. I swear that's what i learned in 4th grade science class when the Challenger went skyhigh (wow we really have a great track record with these babies). Also, if you take seriously what Hollywood always presents us (and hey these days who doesn't take LA LA Land's word on everything lol) the hull gets poker hot red when the ship breaks orbit and cuts through our upper atmosphere. (Hah, Star Trek pays off. I'm such a nerd lol). SOOOOO my point where was I...ah, what works for Dale Jr, not so sure about Commander Tom.

Who knows if this tape is due to budget cutbacks from the Bush administration or if these boys have visited Daytona one too many times. Either way, i'm crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer for the crazy (hell yeah, i'll say it.. these new astronauts must be NUTS to be getting on that ride) and very brave Discovery crew. Hope to God someone is looking out for them, because i'm thinking Uncle Sam could care less. Okay... rant over. ;)

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